La strada che porta allo spazio passa per il nostro bel Paese.


ASI Headquarters, 27th May 2014

ROADSHOW 2014, an initiative promoted by CNR in collaboration with ELETTRA-ESRF-ILL-ISIS, aims at showing the research opportunities offered by neutron and photon probes to the Italian scientific community and their impact in the following areas:

•    ICT e Energy and IT;
•    Food Science;
•    Biomedical Science;
•    Chemistry and Materials Technology;
•    Environment and Earth Science;
•    Physics and Technologies of Materials;
•    Social Science Humanity and Cultural Heritage.

The final aim is to implement, reinforce and optimize the partecipation of Italian users to the scientific program at ELETTRA, ESRF, ILL and ISIS facilities, fostering the CNR human capital and innovation potential.

The event will be held in Rome at ASI Headquarters, 27th May 2014. For further information please visit the ROADSHOW website.