La strada che porta allo spazio passa per il nostro bel Paese.

Early Results from the Juno Mission at Jupiter

Lecture at ASI - May 3, 2017

On May 3 2017 at 15:30, ASI Headquarters will host a lecture by S. Bolton (Southwest Research Institute), the Principal Investigator for NASA’s JUNO mission, and J. Connerney (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) on the “Early Results from the Juno Mission at Jupiter”.

The JUNO spacecraft, launched on 5 August 2011, entered the orbit of Jupiter on 4 July 2016. The primary goal of the mission is to reveal the story of Jupiter’s formation and evolution

ASI invites the scientific and industry communities to attend the event.   

Please note that Registration to the event is required: you are kindly requested to send an e-mail with your name, surname and number of identity card to  within April 26 2017.