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Cosmic Microwave Background Day

ASI Headquarters, 30 March

The Italian Space Agency will host on 30 March 2016 “Cosmic Microwave Background Day”, a conference dedicated to the CMB

The event’s main goal is to define a roadmap. This plan has to outline and coordinate the community participation in new instrumental and interpretation challenges, also by identifying interested public authorities and assets to be available.  

The conference consists of a number of technical sessions with discussions on the following topics:  

-      The CMB in Italy; 

-      Planck and its legacy;  

-      Science Targets after Planck; 

-      Italian contributions to current CMB experiments;  

-      Enabling Technology Developments;  

-      Data analysis and data exploitation;   

-      The international scenario (balloons, LITEBIRD, PIXIE, Millimetron, ...); 

-      COrE++.   

The event will be held from 9.00 am to 6 pm at the “Cassini” conference room. Participation has no restrictions, but a registration is mandatory. Please send an e-mail to the following address:   

Interested people are kindly requested to confirm their presence by 21 March 2016 and to provide their personal data from an identity document due to security reasons.