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ASI Space Geodesy Centre - 30th anniversary

31st January 2014 – Matera

The Centre for Space Geodesy (CGS) “Giuseppe Colombo”, located near Matera, will host the celebration of its 30th anniversary. Realized thanks to the joined effort of CNR's National Space Plan, Regione Basilicata and NASA, the CGS was opened 1983 and named after Giuseppe “Bepi” Colombo”, great mathematician.

Mainly devoted to earth observation through advanced space techniques (space geodesy and remote sensing), the CGS is one of the most important research structures in southern Italy.

The celebration will be held at the CGS on 31st January 2014. ASI and Telespazio (responsible for the operational management of CGS) top managements will take part in the event as well as the local authorities.

A ceremony to honour the memory of Rocco Petrone will be included in the event. Rocco Petrone, Italo-American engineer whose family originally came from the Lucania area, was the Apollo Program Director in 1969 and had a key role in the Moon landing.