La strada che porta allo spazio passa per il nostro bel Paese.

57° COPUOS in Vienna

The meeting from 11th to 20th June 2014

The 57° session of the COPUOS (Committee On the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space) began on 11th June 2014. The meeting will be held until 20th June at the United Nations headquarters in Vienna.

The Italian Space Agency participates with a large delegation formed by  Gabriella Arrigo (Head of the International Relations and Advanced Education Unit), Sveva Iacovoni (Officer of the International Relations and Advanced Education Unit), Mario Caporale (Member of the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems  - ICG), Claudio Portelli (Co-Chair of the Sub-Committee of the Long Term Sustainability of Space Activities Working Group on Spase debris), Marco Castronuovo and Alessandro Gabrielli (both Members of the  Space-Mission Planning Advisory Group - SMPAG) and Mr. Paolo Giommi (Chief of the  ASI Science Data Center). 

A panel dedicated to prospects, spin-offs and benefits from human spaceflight activities will be held on 17th June. Panelists will be Filippo Formica, Ambassador – Permanent Representative of Italy to the International Organizations in Vienna, Simonetta Di Pippo, UN-OOSA Director, astronauts Samantha Cristoforetti and Luca Parmitano (the latter in videoconference). The panel will be chaired by the journalist Giorgio Pacifici. 

Created in 1959, COPUOS aims to promote international cooperation for the peaceful use of space, design space programs to be undertaken under the aegis of the United Nations, to promote research and to study legal problems that can arise from space exploration. 

The 76 country strong Committee is divided into two Subcommittees, operating respectively in the technical-scientific and legal fields.