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The 15th National Conference and Expo ASITA 2011

From the 15 till the 18 of November 2011, the town of Parma hosts thethth event for environment, territorial and geographical information.

The 15th edition of the National Conference and Expo ASITA (Federation of Scientific Associations for Territorial and Environmental Information) started on November 15th in the monumental setting of Colorno Royal Palace.


The event is an opportunity to meet and exchange for researchers, teachers, professionals, public and private institutions and companies operating in different sectors, such as detection, management and representation of territorial and environmental data. The scientific goal of the conference is to promote the comparisons and elaborations of some specific issues, encouraging a multidisciplinary and integrated vision within the Geomantics.


The Italian Space Agency takes part in the event with a special session on satellite system COSMO-SkyMed, organized in partnership with the e-GEOS company.


The aim of the workshop, on November 17th , is to broaden the knowledge of the COSMO-SkyMed system within the national community of territorial information. ASITA Conference is connected to a technical-commercial expo, in which the ASI is involved, with the aim to establish connections between stakeholders and experts in territorial and environmental technology.