La strada che porta allo spazio passa per il nostro bel Paese.

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ASI's publications for children


ASI's publications for children are light tools in form, but thorough and rich in content. Conceived for capturing the attention of young children by using interesting reading texts, they are full of accurate information and are accompanied by drawings and caricatures of characters, events and real situations. In this way, learning and understanding the theories exposed can be easy for everyone.


The two volumes of the series, "Extraterrestri. Gli Astronauti e la Stazione Spaziale Internazionale" (Extraterrestrials. Astronauts and the International Space Station" and "Terra Il mondo visto dallo Spazio" (Earth:  The planet as seen from space") can be requested by schools and teachers, by sending an email to the Ufficio Formazione Esterna (



The editors for these projects are: Giuseppina Pulcrano and Germana Galoforo.




Extraterrestrials - Astronauts and the International Space Station

by Ettore Perozzi and Anna Parisi, illustrations by Fabio Magnasciutti


During autumn 2007 the Esperia mission with Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli on board the Space Shuttle made an important addition to the International Space Station which was a habitation module completely designed and built in Italy. This was an ideal occasion to get people to know about human space flight and the contribution our country has made with a publication aimed at young children amply illustrated and explained, with interviews of the main players in today's space enterprises.






Earth! The planet seen from space


By Ettore Perozzi and Anna Parisi, illustrations by Fabio Magnasciutti



After entertaining us with the adventures of the astronauts on board the International Space Station and telling us about the first-level role Italy holds in this prestigious international project, ASI's new comic strip book asks why so many artificial satellites are launched into orbit to observe what happens on our planet. With a look at what whirls around us, we start our journey towards the discovery of a young science, Earth observation, which originated during the space era. It deals with continually changing fields: from agriculture to archaeology, environmental pollution control to global climate changes.
A special chapter is dedicated to providing more information on COSMO-SkyMed, one of the highlights of the Italian Space Agency and, thanks to the Defence Ministry's contribution, the first "dual" system in the world, civil and military. COSMO-SkyMed has brought Italy to the forefront in Earth observation from space, an achievement that was reached because of the many technological innovations that it features, from flight in constellation to the radar techniques it uses.