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Puzzle 3D

Learning is child's play


It's not easy to explain to small children what a satellite is, how it is made and what it is used for or the International Space Station (ISS) building operations.



Games can be a way for making something as complex and unusual as an artificial satellite more familiar ot to explain the ISS assembly operations. For this reason ASI has made some three-dimensional puzzles, with a booklet that explains, for instance, the objectives for putting a satellite into orbit, the ISS utilization, their main features and offers useful references for more widenings.






Puzzels issued up to now:


  • "AGILE - The satellite discovering the deep space mysteries";
  • "COSMO-SkyMed - In space to keep an eye on the Earth";
  • "International Space Station - Around the world in 90 minutes".



For further information on puzzles or to request them, schools may contact ASI Education Office at the following e-mail address:




COSMO-SkyMed (32 parts puzzle), a satellite from the COSMO-SkyMed constellation for the Earth Observation.



International Space Station (88 parts puzzle), representing the huge scientific laboratory that orbits around the Earth at about 400 km altitude.