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DAMALAB: aboard the ISS !

Play, float and learn on the Space Station with the educational game designed and developed during the DAMA mission. Download the game

Would you like to board the International Space Station? With "DAMALAB – play, float and learn on the Space Station", the new Italian Space Agency game, you can do it!

You will become a young astronaut and begin to float as if you were in space. You'll see how astronauts live up there, discover what they eat, where they sleep and will be able to satisfy your every curiosity.

You will be able to understand what the International Space Station is needed for, why it goes into space to perform experiments and while floating, you'll be able to reveal all the secrets of this magnificent orbiting laboratory. You can play games, watch videos, take pictures and even make scientific experiments yourself, just like a real astronaut!

So what are you waiting for? Start playing! DAMALAB is an educational game aimed at youngsters between 8 and 12, designed and created on the occasion of the DAMA Mission. This was a mission that successfully took place in 2011, coordinated by Italian Space Agency, which took the Italian astronaut Roberto Vittori to the International Space Station aboard the last flight of the Shuttle Endeavour STS-134.

Through multimedia and interactivity, the game aims to stimulate the curiosity of children and simplify the approach to space and scientific issues. The educational inclination of the game is closely related to that of play. The teaching method used in DAMALAB follows the principle of edutainment, which aims to combine learning and fun.

DAMALAB is a tool capable of explaining in a simple but meticulous manner, concepts related to science and space research - experiments represented in the laboratory module are inspired by actual experiments conducted during the DAMA mission - and at the same time suitable to pleasantly entertain the players, allowing them to experience first-hand the thrill of being in space.