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Consorzio GEOSAT Molise

Corporate structure 

The GEOSAT Molise Consortium was established on 9 February 2010, in the form of a consortium as a majority public capital holding, operating in the Molise territory in the research sector, in the field of technologies and production processes. The entities belonging to the Consortium included the Molise Regional Authority (1%), the University of Molise (25%), the Telespazio SpA Company (49%) and ASI (25%). 

On 25/02/2016, ASI communicated its decision to the shareholders to withdraw from the Consortium. The withdrawal became effective on 26/04/2016. 

Legal status: Consortium with majority public shareholdings. 

Share capital: € 300,000.00 

ASI shareholding: 25% 

The company does not have an institutional website.