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Corporate structure 

ASITEL S.r.l in liquidation, already a joint-stock company, had been launched in 2010 with resolution no. 103/2010 by ASI's Board of Directors. The company was 100% owned by ASI. 

In 2016, with a Shareholders’ Meeting Resolution, ASITEL S.p.A. was transformed from a joint-stock company to a limited liability company and placed in dissolution and liquidation. On 23/05/2018 the company was definitively closed and canceled from the Register of companies. 

The Company had been formed in order to perform activities mainly in the satellite telecommunications sector, in particular through the design, creation and commercialization of systems and relative services. This activity included the management of systems on the ground and infrastructures in orbit, all aimed at satellite telecommunications, as well as other connected and instrumental activities. 

In its statute, the company envisaged the possibility of joint ventures with both public and private bodies (adopting the PPP - Public Private Partnership - method) with the obligation of maintaining most of the share capital in public hands. 

Legal status: Limited liability company in liquidation 

Share capital: 39,150.00