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ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana - The Agency ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana - The Agency


European Launch Vehicle

The company operates in the aerospace business in Italy and abroad and is in particular concerned with:


1) the management of Vega Programme as Prime Contractor;


2) the implementation, supervision, coordination and the direct and indirect monitoring of the design, production and manufacturing, and modification of the Vega launcher, its components and equipment. In particular it carries out:



  • launcher system analysis;
  • launcher integration and its management;
  • launcher testing;


3) the assignment of Vega Programme implementation activities to sub-contractors selected in accordance with ESA (European Space Agency) principles and as approved by the same, among them Avio S.p.A.;



4) direction of programmes for the implementation, the supervision, the coordination and direct and indirect monitoring of tests and research programmes concerning the development of small-sized launchers and their components and equipment;



5) strategic marketing of small-sized launchers;



6) study, research and advice services.



Along 2003 FIAT Avio SpA, holding 70% of ELV capital stock, has been involved by the reorganization plan devised by FIAT Group which has led to the transfer of Fiat Avio Aviation activities to the Carlyle Group and Finmeccanica SpA.


To this purpose, starting from 1st July 2003, a new company Avio SpA has been set up being owned 70% by The Carlyle Group and 30% by Finmeccanica SpA. On 30th September, on enforcing the agreement entered between the parties on 1st July, Avio SpA shareholding has been transferred by FIAT Group to Avio Holding SpA. ELV is therefore currently controlled 70% by Avio SpA, and 30% by ASI.



In 2010 ELV reported a loss of € 101,333.00.