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ASI Science Data Center

ASI’s centre for the management and analysis of scientific data

ASI's Science Data Centre (ASDC) was established in September 2000. On the basis of the experience so far acquired in the management of BeppoSAX satellite scientific data centre, ASI wished to establish a centre aimed at supplying products and services for the scientific community pertinent to Observation of the Universe space missions.


When the satellite is launched into orbit, the scientific community analyses the data produced by the mission and, in order to reach this goal, makes use of sophisticated instruments such as software packages, specific calculators and so on.


The centre is in a phase of continuous evolution, in fact, the development and the holding of data files containing current and/or oncoming missions (such as XMM-Newton, Chandra, Integral, Swift, AGILE, GLAST, Sharad, Planck, Herschel) is managed together with the permanent scientific file of completed missions (i.e. BeppoSAX).


With regard to Swift and AGILE missions, ASDC takes part, before the launch, in the realization of the software necessary to the first data analysis receipt.


Furthermore, the Centre has developed a Multi Mission Data Processing System (MMDPS) collecting, within a single interface, the information pertinent to the data processing of different missions, an element of excellence for the scientific community but also a powerful instrument owned by ASI for the accomplishment and the monitoring of activities carried out by the community.