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Technological Projects of Satellite Telecommunications

Telecommunications at very high frequency bands

During 2007 ASI has continued developing projects relative to technologies and devices of telecommunications at very high frequency bands (Q/V, W, optic) indispensable for future broad band systems. These projects are focused mainly on Q/V and W bands.


Q/V Line
Development activities (B, C/D and E phases) of the Q/V band mission have been transferred to ESA to provide for the embarkation of the ESA mission AlphaSat.
Nevertheless the development of the ground stations is under ASI’s complete authority.


W Line
ASI is working on the WAVE project (W-band Analysis and VErification) whose objective is to design and develop a payload in W band. The project is in the 10-month long A2 Phase during which time the definition and design of the experiment flight system on the stratospheric Geophysica airplane (mission Aero-WAVE) will be ongoing.
In addition a mission on an experimental platform dedicated to low orbit (IKNOW mission) and a subsequent pre-operational mission and preliminary design of relative systems will be defined. The activities foreseen include:

  • Definition of the stratospheric airplane mission (Aero-WAVE)
  • Definition of the low-orbit experimental mission (IKNOW)
  • System study
  • Detailed definition of the W band payload including the embarkation study
  • Study of the ground stations (fixed and mobile) for the various lines of foresee missions
  • Definition of mission costs.