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ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana - Mission and Projects ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana - Mission and Projects


Main Theme Planetary Exploration
Mission Responsibility N/A
Start-up Date 2005
End of development 2009
Current phase N/A



PAGIS is a virtual facility developed to provide analyzed data sets. They are congruent and developed according to specific geo-referenced standards and can archive and distribute geo-localized planetary data sets and already interpreted integrated products.  This operation is based on two main lines 1) scientific knowledge in the development of maps, in the selection of geological units, their origin and morphology 2) the use of digital instruments for making digital maps and geo-localized data sets.

PAGIS is structured around the implementation of the scientific data base RDBMS (Relational Data Base Management System) standard and a web-type interface for archiving both raw data and intermediate data and processed data and finally, the final results of processing envisaged by the project. This operational objective is accomplished by the systematic use of existing standards and the definition of new ones only for those instruments that require specific ones be made for the data.


Scientific Objectives
International missions, including those with Italian participation, produce enormous quantity of data that the scientific community needs to use at various levels of processing and integration in a multidisciplinary environment. The data supplied to European missions must be analyzed by the Italian and European scientific community.  This implies the need to integrate acquired scientific data with various instruments and missions in a multidisciplinary geo-referenced system. In fact, in geology it is common practice to develop geological map sections in 3D relief.  To do this scientists use remote sensing space data and geological data of surfaces and subsurfaces. All this information is already available for Mars and in the near future will also be in use for the other planets.


Italian Contribution
With PAGIS, ASI is the second agency in the world, after NASA with USGS that can produce geological maps of the Solar System bodies.  Moreover, PAGIS has been designed to use the ASDC's infrastructures, thus increasing its visibility as a distributor of analytical instruments and processed data. PAGIS' final products will be instruments of essential support for selecting landing sites and in situ robotic missions.


International Agreements
At the moment there are no formal agreements with NASA or with ESA. An agreement was signed between ASI and the Società Geologica Italiana (Italian Geological Society) for the making of a series of Planetary Geological Maps.