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Microsatellite-based optical light mission

The implementation of this mission aims at developing and qualify in orbit new technological products as the microsatellite platform/station on which the mission and the electro-optic systems representing the useful load are based.

The technological target is matched to the target of deepening the understanding of complex physical systems as the Earth through the employment of space and spectrum high resolution Spectroscopy capable of providing in addition to the geometric image also the energy contents of the scenario observed.

The mission includes the development and production of the satellite, of the earth segment, the acquisition of the launch services, the launch and the operative management when in orbit.

The technological development of the programme will allow:

  • The consolidation of Italian Research and Industry in the relevant fields
  • The reutilization of relevant products for future missions
  • The maximization of ASI investments.

The mission which avails of the results of studies funded by ASI in the past will allow the collection and distribution of spectroscopy data including information on the quality of air, on geology, mineralogy, vegetation, volcanology which may be applied to application research in the field of atmosphere physics and to physics of biological/biochemical processes of the land surface.

The technological innovation involved by the development of the microsatellite will contribute to boost the industry operating in microelectronic component and micromechanics business thanks to the acquisition of a new know-how and the availability of new competitive and reusable products.

The mission includes some important technological experiments which will allow the testing in orbit of prototypes related to sectorial fields where Italian researchers actively operate.