ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana - Mission and Projects ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana - Mission and Projects


Main Theme High Energy Astrophysics
Mission Responsibility ASI
Launch Date Beginning of contract February 2007
End of Mission (End of contract) February 2010 (nominal)
Current phase A, E2


Following the results of the “Feasibility study on High Energy Astrophysics: fields of interest and perspectives for the national community”, held by the scientific community and coordinated by Dr. Enrico Costa, INAF Section-Rome, concerning the potential future of high-energy astrophysics, ASI has set up a three-year contract that implements the recommendations of the community concerning the studies needed to maintain the national community in the sector in a first-level position at world level if they do not concern missions or projects already funded by ASI with specific contracts.


Scientific Objectives
The activities of the "High Energy Astrophysics Studies" refer to:
- theoretic studies, supported also by numerical simulations, to improve the description and comprehension of multiple phenomena in the field of the AAE and their interactions;
- laboratory activities for supporting theoretical studies;
- preparation of data analysis of missions in implementation phase;
- analysis of archive data, compared analysis and multi-frequency;
- definition of future space missions of international collaboration;
- scientific support to the study of new technological projects;
- annual update of the national and international panorama in the field of the AAE


Italian Contribution
The programme is completely national.


International Agreements
There are no international agreements.