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ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana - Mission and Projects ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana - Mission and Projects

Studies in Cosmology and Fundamental Physics

Main Theme Cosmology and Fundamental Physics
Mission Responsibility ASI
Launch Date Beginning of contract May 2007
End of Mission End of contract May 2010
Current phase A, E2


Following the results of the "Study on the main themes and models in cosmology and fundamental physics of space" led by the scientific community coordinated by Paolo de Bernardis of the Department of Physics of the Università "La Sapienza" on the future prospects of Cosmology and Fundamental Physics, ASI has set up a three-year contract which implements the recommendations of the scientific community with regard to the research needed to maintain the national community in the sector in a first-level position world-wide. This does not involve missions or projects already funded by ASI through specific contracts.

Scientific Objectives
The project plans to guarantee essential three-year activities such as:
- the strengthening of theoretical studies on models with the objective of improving the formulation of existing questions and identifying the measurable physical size to be able to respond in the medium- to long-term on fundamental questions on cosmology and fundamental physics;
- theoretical studies, also supported by numerical simulations, able to improve the description and understanding of the many phenomena in cosmology and fundamental physics and their interactions;
- possible laboratory operations for supporting theoretical studies;
- preparation of mission data analysis in the development phase;
- analysis of scientific data supplied by past and current space missions (even relative to Guest-Observer or equivalent programmes) and publication of the results in specialized journals;
- comparative and multifrequency analysis and publication of results in specialized journals, even in collaboration with ASI Science Data Center (ASDC);
- participation of the science groups in the preliminary definition of future space mission involving international cooperation with particular reference to ESA's “Cosmic Vision 2015-2025”;
- participation of science groups, strengthened by the presence of young resources to national and international conferences with the objective of interacting with Italian and foreign colleagues for the necessary and fruitful exchange of ideas.

Italian Contribution
The programme is completely national.