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EduSAT project

Dedicated to the students of senior high schools

EduSAT is a programme that includes the project, the realization and the launch of a microsatellite with one or more didactic payload on board.


EDUSAT is an orbiting testing system for technological qualification, open to research centers and industry. In addition, the project includes the verification of dynamics principles, measurements of the Earth magnetic field, detection of cosmic particles, measurements of the Solar constant. Technological goals include the study of deorbiting systems, behaviour of solar cells in orbit, validation of an S-band transponder.


The project will last two years (2007-2009), with a close cooperation between the Italian Space Agency, Secondary schools, the Ministry for Education and Research, Universities ("Tor Vergata" and "La Sapienza" in Rome) and companies.


First contractor is the Aerospace Engineering School of the University of Rome "La Sapienza". Subcontractor is IMT- Srl.


For further information, please contact the Italian Space Agency.