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Satellite solutions for applications and communications services

The project foresee as its primary objective, the development, integration and testing of satellite solutions for applications and communications services (especially mobile or relocatable) to national institutional agencies dedicated to security and emergency management.


The project also provides for the development of a multiservice applications architecture that foresees providing integrated low-band (LB) communications (fixed, mobile or relocatable) of satellite navigation and georeferenced localization and high-definition remote sensing. The objective is give the institutional agencies operators devoted to emergency security and management all the technology for receiving and transmitting the information needed for the most effective and safest management of emergency interventions.


The main objective in this scenario is the enhancement of the satellite’s role, the essential considering essential problems such as: interoperability between different networks, strength and "survival”, security of communications and access, back up and complementariness of solutions, enhancement of all synergetic applications that optimizes the use of satellite technology.